My complete equipment listing can be divided into four basic sections:  Drums/Pedal, Cymbals, Sticks and Drum Heads/Skins.

Kit Configuration: 22 - 22 Inch TAMA Rockstar-DX bassdrum.
14s - 14 Inch (6 inch depth with 20 line strainer) TAMA Rockstar-DX Stainless Steel Snare drum.
12 - 12 Inch TAMA Rockstar-DX 1st tom.
13 - 13 Inch TAMA Rockstar-DX 2nd tom.
16F - 16 Inch TAMA Rockstar-DX Floor tom.


TAMA - HP45TW Camco Twin Pedal.  Chain Driven, detachable slave unit.  (As used by Dave Lombardo/Slayer, Chuck Biscuits/Danzig and Charlie Benate/Anthrax...)


Cymbal Configuration: 14 - Zildjian - Z Custom High Hats (Z-Custom top and Z-Dyno Beat Bottom)
16 - Zildjian - Z Custom 16 Inch Crash
18 - Zildjian - Z Power Crash 18 Inch
20 - Zildjian - Earth Ride 20 Inch (Ultra Heavy)
A - Zildjian - Bronze Series China
B - Custom Cast Thunder Gong


Current:  PRO-MARK 2B Hickory Stick, Nylon Tip, Unvarnished.
Previously (Until Discontinued):  VIC FIRTH Tommy Lee Signature Series.  Hickoy, 17 Inch Stick with (red) Nylon Tip, Varnished.


REMO - Weather King and REMO - Pinstripe Drum heads on all drums, including snare drum.