Ever wanted to know what other people have to say about all this?

Since most people who read this page have some kind of comment about it, and some are actually brave enough to mail their opinions through to me. I thought it might be nice to add a page where others can read these emails (or parts thereof).
Just for the record: I do actually ASK people's permission before I publish their mail here. Most do NOT want their emails made public, and most prefer not to have their details revealed. I don't have a problem with that, since the content of the emails speaks for itself :)
Want to have your comments added here? Mail me!

Unfortunately many of you mailed me BEFORE this page existed and I did not keep any of your mails. (Thus this list is still quite short). I'd appreciate it if all those who mailed me before to bitch and wine, if you could do it again. - Thanks!

From: Ian [19-08-2002]

Absolutely great stuff. You should be on the radio. My sides
are hurting and the tears roll down my cheeks. My wife keeps
shouting at me to "shut up, what are you laughing at?"

Thanks for a site that should be famous.

Ed: Another satisfied customer who is able to take things for what they are! MAX respect to you IAN P.

From: Anonymous [11-02-2002]

Fuck you you asshole! What the fuck do you know anyway?
Leave female rockstars alone, they need a break from people like you.
I don't even know why you would make a webpage like this, it seems like
you have nothing nice to say about anything. I hope you get sued!

Ed: Oooh, hit a nerve there didn't we? Let me guess, you're probably one of these wannabe rockstars yourself?

From: Anonymous [22-01-2002]

I hate you! Everything you said is utter rubbish. There should be no people like you in
the world. You should ask the Lord for forgiveness as hatred is a sin, and only Jesus can
offer you the salvation.

Ed: Funny how you are telling me hatred is a sin, yet your very first words are "I hate you!" HAHA. You need
to take a look at yourself and your stupid beliefs. Come back to me when you realize what a total idiot you just

made of yourself, and I'll be glad to insult you some more.

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